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Circulation Problems

Poor blood circulation can impact differently across the body, specifically as follows: -

  • The brain: –fatigue, dizziness, memory loss, and frequent and unexplained headaches.

  • The heart:- inability to perform simple aerobic activities like climbing stairs without breathlessness; high blood pressure, and chest pain can be other symptoms.

  • The liver: –include lack of appetite or unexplained weight loss, and changes in skin tone.

  • The kidneys :–typically the result is when there is swelling of the hands, feet and ankles. Other symptoms can include fatigue, altered heart rate and rise in blood pressure.

  • The limbs: –cramps in the limbs, numbness, cold peripheries and varicose veins can appear as symptoms.

    There are various nutrients and herbs which may benefit those with indications of circulatory problems. Foods with high bioflavanoid content can benefit collagen and blood vessels. Pycnogenol and Serrazyme  reduce some plaque or platelet problems. L-arginine can increase blood flow especially through capillaries and help penile erection problems. Cayenne and ginger can increase blood flow and warm the extremities. Higher strength ginkgo biloba has been shown to reduce Raynauds condition. Hawthorn may increase oxygen flow to the heart muscles. If you are already using prescription medication for circulatory problems, always consult your doctor before deciding to take any herbal remedies.