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Heart & Circulation


Our heart and cardiovascular system is subject to the degenerative problems that beset health and longevity in the industrialised western countries and which have increased significantly throughout the 20th century. Heart failure is responsible for at least 40% of deaths. Those races renown for longevity do not suffer the same problems and retain robust cardiovascular health and energy. Pharmaceutical and medical intervention may limit health issues but they do not generally prevent degeneration nor restore full health. The heart, associated blood vessels and connective tissues require high levels of nutrients to prevent and offset challenges to their tissue’s integrity, to their immunity from disease or toxins and to premature ageing. Self-help may be appropriate but precaution is needed when under medical supervision for a identified problem or taking related medication.

Key points:

  • Prevent and reduce atherosclerosis by the right diet that limits levels of triglycerides and oxidation of cholesterol. Keep sugar (and starch) intake low especially in the presence of fatty acids.

  • Include in the diet and through supplementation, high levels of anti-oxidants and bioflavonoids to minimise damage to blood vessels and thereby retard ageing factors

  • Add nutrients to offset key shortages in our diet and reduce damage from environmental & lifestyle factors

  • If we encounter cardiovascular problems then consider nutritional programmes that can improve oxygenation, blood flow and reduce adverse metabolic effects.

  • Specific supplementary nutrients can enhance physical and bio-chemical properties and improve longevity