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Age & Gender Health

Children, and adults have different nutrient requirements at different stages of life and especially as the risks increase of deterioration from ageing effects. For children there is a requirement for lower amounts of many nutrients to take into account their body mass. Precaution should be taken with some herbal remedies for children and in particular pregnancy-mainly because their effects and potential side effects have not been assessed. Most 'over the counter' homoeopathic remedies can be used on  all ages and in most situations. Flower remedies equally can be used for all situations where emotional support is required.

For male and female support, the main difference is the impact of hormonal changes. PMT and menopause nutrition for women varies according to the symptoms experienced and the likely factors for these variations. Changes to a woman's physiology due to lower oestrogen levels, post menopause, has to be taken into account especially as HRT is provided for a limited duration. For males, it is most likely to be the effects of lower testosterone and the ageing of prostate that can affect general health.There are natural remedies which are available to support all these changes in hormones. Susceptibility to changes in health from hormonal changes will be dependent on diet and intolerance to certain food types.