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Sports Supplements


Sportsmen/women require higher intake of nutrients for higher energy usage, higher muscular strength and to compensate for greater loss of some vitamins and minerals through greater perspiration. The requirement will be dependent on the type of physical activity and the requirement for weight to strength ratio or endurance.

As well as protein powders for meal replacements, consider the use of digestive enzymes and more specialised multivitamins to ensure the presence of enough co-factors to maximise physical outcome. For endurance athletes the use of co-enzyme Q10 supplements should be considered because of greater consumption during activity. Electrolytes are lost during perspiration and these salts must be replaced by diet or supplements. Salt, magnesium intake and an alkalising diet may slow  the adverse build-up of lactic acid in muscles.

Sports supplements available include recovery drinks, high carbohydrate foods, protein bars, creatine supplements, and supplementary fatty acids.