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Manufacturers of scientifically formulated EPA fatty acid supplements. Igennus Healthcare Nutrition specialises in the production of clinical-grade EPA-based supplements, offering natural and science-based solutions for health, alone or in conjunction with standard and complementary therapies. They have pioneered a new phase of purified ethyl-EPA products, which started with their first patented product Vegepa E-EPA 70.

Vegepa E-EPA 70 is used by thousands of individuals and practitioners worldwide for a variety of conditions. Backed by a strong core team passionate about health, their work focuses on the benefits of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the diet, particularly the omega-3 EPA and its role in health and disease. Central to their ethos is the commitment to providing natural means of improving health based on scientific research, and promoting the idea of choice of treatment option for various clinical conditions. Since being established in 2003, they have built close affiliations with respected clinicians and researchers at academic institutions worldwide. Endorsement of their products by some of the world’s leading medical researchers and clinicians has successfully communicated the benefits of our products as natural treatments for various conditions

Key point: high EPA content fatty acid a suitable dietary support for many inflammatory health problems and in particular moderate depression.