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Herbal and Botanical remedies

Herbal remedies have been used to treat illnesses since the beginning of time. Herbal remedieshave been used by cultures around the world for centuries and are now available in a variety of forms such as tinctures, tablets, fluid extracts, loose herbs and herbal teas. A health store can offer the widest selection. Herbal remedies can assist in the prevention and treatment of many conditions, both chronic and acute and offer a mild form of treatment with potentially very beneficial effects. Many herbal remedies now require a medical licence for over the counter sales. Other herbs designated as traditional foods are either sold as botanicals or in lower potency preparations as food supplements.

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Many herbal remedies can work as fast as any modern synthetic drug to bring relief for minor ailments, but in the treatment of chronic disorders the action of herbal remedies is slow, gentle and cumulative. Herbal remedieswork to strengthen and stimulate the various systems of the body over a long period of time. Herbal supplements or remedies are made using either dried or fresh plants or plant extracts.

Don't hesitate to ask us about the safety of taking herbal remedies, we do have a reference source for drug interactions and side effects, but in some cases it's sometimes better to consult with your health care practitioner, as many drugs cause unpleasant side effects when combined with other substances including Herbal remedies. If you are not taking any prescription or over-the-counter drugs, herbal remedies should provide safe, effective health care. However, herbal remedies should not be seen as a substitute for the efficient working of your body's own natural defence system. Do not use herbal remedies if you are pregnant or breastfeeding unless specified as safe.

Most herbal remedies are fairly mild, and can be safely taken over a long period without risk, in the doses suggested by the herbal remedy supplier. The best herbal remedies in the world cannot do much in the long term for somebody who is undermining his or her health by inadequate diet, too little exercise and excessive stress. Once you feel that the condition for which you are taking a herbal remedy is much improved, you should try tapering off the dose gradually.