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Raw & Superfoods

Raw Foods

Raw foods and associated diets are becoming more popular particularly with ‘paleolithic diet’ followers. The nutritional value of raw foods is recognized more widely. The higher intrinsic content of enzymes, bioflavenoids and vitamins in raw foods, compared to processed products, makes their inclusion in a diet likely to be a more healthy option.

We have an exciting range of ingredients you can add to smoothies, vitamin mixes, cereals, homemade chocolates, snacks and meals as well as a range of sweet and savoury ready-made products.

Superfoods are chosen for their nutrient dense, cleansing and therapeutic qualities. Their nutritional potency and value is maintained by never heating them beyond (48°C), during processing, or by preserving them using natural fermentation techniques, extractive juicing and freeze-drying.

Raw confectionery brands (chocolate & energy bars):

It is noteworthy that the Incas and Mayan races considered that raw chocolate (i.e. cacao) was considered a medicine. It is now recognized for high concentration of protective polyphenols and other anti-oxidants. Recent research showed that a night-time cocoa significantly improved memory for older people. Those nutrients should be higher in raw chocolate than in processed chocolate. Brands include:-

  • Raw Health ,Raw Chocolate Company;  Ombar ; Consciouschocolate; Love Raw;The Primal Kitchen; Nak’d; Pulsin’; Raw Organic; Bounce; Creative Nature ;

    Raw Honey & Sweeteners

    Most single source honeys are likely to be raw or non-pasteurised. Honeys sourced from multiple apiaries may have been heat treated for product consistency or assurance.

    Our raw honeys include: Comvita (manuka), Medibee, Hayfeguard, GMC(organic), Berwick (includes comb honey), local Cheshire honey. Other specialized honey’s are obtained from time to time.





    Superfoods & Green Powders

    The typical western diet, consumes too little green foods for health maintenance. This has led to the significant demand for green food supplements and superfooods. These food supplements are dehydrated extracts of green vegetables, algaes or grasses, and are frequently prepared in combinations and with other beneficial botanical ingredients.

    Green food supplements supply a wealth of essential trace nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other phytonutrients and

     help to:- promote better body alkaline balance; energize the body at cellular level; reduce toxins; improve immunity.

    Products available at Millmark include

  • Naturya  superfood powders (acai, maca, hemp, barley grass, chlorella, spirulina, wheatgrass),
  • ViridianSoul Food Greens powder
  • Green Vibrance powder, Field of Greens Powder, Pure Green protein.
  • Kiki Health- Living Superfood
  • Udo’s Beyond Greens; Heath Elements Wheatgrass extract