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Millmark's Quick Health Tips


 For a sore throat: Gargle with Manuka honey (ensure it is a certified source by New Zealand).
Two glasses of water before breakfast can help flush the kidneys.
Regular use of a Xylitol chewing gum can improve children’s dental and oral health
 In general, avoid low fat food recipes. We all need fats. Ensure they are good fats.
 The best Vitamin D is from sunshine. Unfortunately, in Britain, winter sunshine is ineffective. In summer, its OK but only around midday hours. Suntan creams and skin creams prevent Vitamin D generation.
 Watery eyes, dry eyes and night blindness (during driving) may indicate that you are deficient in Vitamin A.
 Always ensure your children have enough vitamins and probiotics prior to any vaccinations; to reduce risks of side effects.


Persistent sore mouth, sore throats, laryngitis and tonsilitis may be helped by avoiding fluoride toothpaste and gargling with propolis.

If you are avoiding dairy products, then add some iodine in your diet with sea foods or supplements. This may be important for thyroid health.

When trying to control body weight  or blood sugar through diet, then assess your meals by Glycemic load not Glycemic index.

Regular use of Bone broth soups may improve your joint and skin condition.

Whenever it is necessary to have oral antibiotics then use a probiotic(2 hours apart) to reduce disturbance to vital gut flora. If elderly, then also use a B Vitamin complex to improve side effects to vitality and mood.

Except for those who are restricted by medication, then use a ‘Balanced’ salt (which includes potassium and sodium equally) to enhance foods. A balanced salt supports the necessary electrolytes in and around your cells.

Craving is often the body telling you that it is short of a vital nutrient. Listen to it!

Young active sports persons are more prone to acne partly because of the loss of salts from extra perspiration.

Frequent muscle cramps are likely due to a shortage of dietary Magnesium.

Coconut oil is the best oil for frying foods. When heated there are no toxic compounds.

Butter from grass fed cows is the preferred healthy choice because of its higher butyrate content.

Enzymes exist in raw foods. They are vital for health. Cooking destroys them.

Don’t cook with vegetable oils. Evidently they are unhealthy.

Flower remedies can naturally and safely reduce the many emotional problems arising with young children during early development.