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Hair Loss

We all lose hairs but hair loss only becomes noticeable when fewer new hairs are produced to replace the lost ones. The single most common cause of hair loss in men and women is known as male pattern baldness since it is most likely to occur in men. This type of hair loss is an response to the body’s production of androgens or male sex hormones but other causes include fungal infections, thyroid problems, severe illness and the use of certain prescription medicines. Slow hair growth is often a sign of an underactive thyroid for ladies going through menopause. Hair loss or thinning can also occur through thinning of the follicles due to reaction with some hair care or body care products.

Traumas such as child birth or bereavement may cause temporary hair loss. Protein supplementation can often stimulate hair regrowth. A deficiency in iron can have similar outcomes, especially for ladies in the menopause.

If hair falls out in patches, the condition is known as alopecia . This may occur from fungal infections or nutritional deficiencies.

Dandruff or an itchy scalpor dry hair may indicate a shortage of essential fatty acids in the diet. A topical application that helps moisturise the scalp is coconut oil.