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Skin Treatment

Skin Problems

Common skin problems are dry skin, acne, dandruff, eczema and psoriasis. These can all be affected by our ability to moisturise the skin from within, the skin’s immunity and strength characteristics and in many cases the intolerance to foods and other contact substances (eg bodycare products). Challenges to our immune system at an early age may predispose our skin’s characteristics. Lack of Zinc, essential fatty acids and Vitamin A can influence these characteristics. As we grow older we have less Silica and this reduces skin elasticity and strength. Having adequate Sulphur can affect repair of collagen, hair thickness and skin condition. Other nutrients regarded as important for skin condition may include Flavonoids, vitamin C, B vitamins(particularly B2 &B5  to reduce skin oiliness)

Oily skin is likely to lack Vitamin A and probably Zinc as these assist skin health collectively. Consider using the herb Agnus Castus where any skin problems with acne seem to be menstrual related. Water based skin care such as face washes are advisable. Palmorosa oil is a suitable base for skin moisturisers or washes.

Dry or flaky skin is typically short of essential fatty acids and a mixed seed oil taken daily can improve moisturising. Food intolerance tests are advised if the condition includes eczema or psoraisis. Additional evening primrose oil can reduce inflammatory conditions such as skin reddening. Moducare ( an immune balancer) can help relieve more severe psoriasis.

Where skin is prone to easily being bruised or discoloured, it is suggested that anthrocyanin or flavonoids are used (eg Pycnogenol or Rutin)-possibly along with higher doses of vitamin C. Horse chestnut has been used traditionally to improve venous circulation which in turn can help fine capillaries and nutrient delivery to the skin.  Hydrated collagen and MSM food supplements may help skin collagen.