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Energy and Fatigue

Low energy levels is too often considered incorrectly a normal state of being.  Poor diets, excessive toxins and pollutants in the environment, unbalanced life-styles, lack of exercise, and over- stress are all common factors that may lead to decreased energy levels. It is necessary to distinguish between the life-style factors and physiological although continued low energy will incur physiological and emotional changes.

Although s sometimes, low energy levels are a not caused by our lifestyles but are instead a symptom of a medical or psychological condition that must be addressed.

If fatigue or lack of energy has been a problem for a long time, the first step is to take a look at possible life-style causes and examine how they can be adjusted. Sometimes fatigue is a symptom of a more serious condition that needs more help than vitamins and supplements for energy. These conditions include hormonal imbalances and depression.

A common problem is the side effects of other medication, for instance proton pump inhibitors will over time reduce B-vitamins and in particular Vitamin B12; Statin medications reduce the levels of Co-enzyme Q10 in the body.

Adequate sleep is vital for energy stamina. Underactive thyroid is a common cause and also adrenal fatigue can occur because of prolonged physical exhaustion. Ensure there are enough B vitamins from the diet or from supplementation as these are a significant foundation for energy along with sufficient iron.