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There are indications that certain vitamins and mineral supplements may improve functioning in people or children with behavioural problems. While there is some disagreement regarding this amongst medical professionals, many have reported marked improvements after a program of nutritional supplements. There are also a number of clinical studies which strongly support the use of vitamin and mineral supplementation in the treatment of behaviour problems, and have demonstrated significant improvement.

As nutrition is such a vital ingredient in brain development, it stands to reason that supplementation may have a positive benefit, although this would vary from individual to individual. This subject is a very complex one. However, it is strongly suggested that parents of children with behavioural issues should consult a physician, homeopath, or nutritional expert who specializes in using supplements, and that this approach be integrated into a dietary program.

There are also suggestions that for many behavioural problems, symptoms can be caused or aggravated as a result of malabsorption and intolerances to certain foodstuffs, especially dairy products, sugar, and gluten contained in wheat and grain products. Mild emotional problems in young children, particularly during growth spurts, puberty and life changes, may be assisted through use of Bach Flower remedies.

 Mood swings are characterized by a drastic change in emotion from one side of the spectrum to the other. It is completely normal to experience the wide range of negative emotions like anger, irritability, tearfulness and sadness that affect us all from time to time. Studies have shown that women experience mood swings twice as often as men- many mood swings are the result of fluctuating hormone levels. There are a number of causes for mood swings (that affect both men and women) and when the underlying cause is addressed, mood swings usually dissipate. Extreme mood swings may arise after eating too much sugar, or the day after a night out drinking or just before a menstrual cycle.

Tissue salts such Natrium muriaticum and Calcium phosphate may promote brain health and functioning, memory, concentration and mood. Combination Bach flower remedies can alleviate short term mood problems.