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High Potency Digestive Aid



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INGREDIENTS: one vegetarian capsule provides: Betaine hydrochloride 100mg Ginger root powder 75mg Peppermint leaf powder 75mg Lipase (10,000ug) 50mg Amylase (100,000 SKBU/g) 40mg Protease (3350 K tyrosine units USP) 15mg Amyloglucosidase (240 U/g) 10mg In a base of alfalfa, spirulina and bilberry.
A vegan combination of enzymes, betaine hydrochloride, peppermint and ginger to help promote a healthy and well-balanced environment for digestion to take place with optimum efficiency. An alternative to over the counter antacids. 

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Digestive enzymes are used to supplement the levels of stomach enzymes need to breakdown different food groups (fats, proteins, starches and minerals). Deficiency in enzymes can affect also appetite and the incidence of gut dysfunction (e.g. IBS).

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