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Waterfall D-Mannose



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50 x 1g

Contents: 100% D-Mannose powder

Waterfall D Mannose is really just a monosaccharide (a simple sugar), related to glucosamine, which has the ability to attach to bacteria and prevent the bacteria from attaching to your bladder wall. When you stop the bacteria from attaching, you stop bladder infection symptoms, because when bacteria can’t attach to the bladder wall / lining or the urinary tract, they can’t cause bladder infection symptoms.

How to take Waterfall D-Mannose

How much to take:  a level or heaped teaspoonful of the powder, (two to three 1g tablets) every three hours for a couple of days, plus a middle of the night dose is a good guide for most people who need urgent support or as a natural cystitis treatment. If you are getting kidney infection symptoms, you may want to take it at higher than the above levels, and also try taking some raw garlic  or Allicin Max and perhaps some aloe Vera gel.NB. you should also see your doctor as kidney infections symptoms can rapidly get worse if they are not dealt with quickly.

A teaspoonful before bed is an excellent prophylactic dose, and  a teaspoonful an hour before sex, and immediately afterwards (don't urinate until afterwards) is an excellent way of preventing further sex-related cystitis episodes. Basically, you take as much as you need either for urgent support, or maintenance.

(Drug interactions:  None Known.  Considered Safe for all: (pregnant women, small children, diabetics, and animals.  We advise seeking medical advice should there be any concerns whatsoever, or if you are on any medication.)


Note:This is an extract from the supplier of Sweet CUres Waterfall D-Mannose:-

'When you take a warm drink with a spoonful of D-Mannose in it, (you'll hardly taste the mannose) most of it gets into your urine within an hour, and attaches to the fimbria or pili of the bacteria that cause most urinary tract problems. This stops the bacteria from sticking to you, and they get flushed away naturally when you urinate. With the correct alpha:beta ratio, huge experience with thousands of individuals has shown us that Waterfall D-Mannose® rarely fails to do the job, and it can also be taken either as a prophylactic at one or two level teaspoonfuls a day or immediately at the first sign of trouble, to maintain bladder health.

Waterfall D-Mannose is a very pure grade product, with the mannose produced naturally using a patented process that produces a product with an alpha:beta ratio that works exceptionally well. Waterfall D-Mannose works to ease cystitis symptoms in five complementary ways:

It is a natural anti-inflammatory, quickly reducing inflammation in both bacterial and interstitial cystitis. It coats the mannose receptors in the cell walls of the bladder epithelium, preventing bacterial adhesion. It can't fail to do this, providing it gets into the urine, because that's what mannose receptors are for.

By filling the fimbrial lectins - the ‘molecular hooks’ that the bacteria use to attach to you and to each other - it appears to stop bacterial colony formation and prevent them hooking onto the mannose receptors of exposed tissue cells, so that they can't attach.

It appears to tease out embedded bacteria and shell fragments by bio-molecular attraction. This is an ongoing and very helpful process because there may be deeply embedded bacteria from old infections.

It should assist with tissue regeneration. Mannose is involved in the activation of macrophages, which help to clean up the debris that can cause inflammation, and the presence of mannose stimulates fibroblasts to make more collagen and proteoglycans, which means that pain is lessened, healing is speeded up, and the bladder and urinary tract returns to health much faster than it would do in the absence of mannose.  You may want to also supplement your diet with collagen capsules to assist this process. They can be obtained from any good health store.

Massive user feedback indicates that D-Mannose, unlike herbal remedies or antibiotics, will reliably stop and prevent most urinary tract infections  or non-specific urethral and bladder inflammation. It can be demonstrated that the glyconutrient also protects catheterised/catheterized and self-catheterising/catheterizing patients from the associated infections that despite prophylactic antibiotics, are otherwise unavoidable.'


Additional products

D-mannose is used principally for urinary tract infections and there is no comparable product as it is thoughjt that cranberry derives its possible benefits from containing some D-mannose. It may be possible to reduce the prevalence of common UTI's by the following additional products:

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