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Field of Greens Powder is a nutrient dense and alkalizing natural formulation that is dehydrated at low temperatures to deliver the highest quality raw 100% organic green powder.

Fields of Green Powder incorporates a comprehensive blend of 100% organically grown crops, rich with natural nutrients.  It contains 14 rich green plants and vegetables that include: alfalfa, barley, oat, kale, wheat, spinach, broccoli and parsley

Field of Greens is a 100% organic green drink supplement that has been formulated using a range of carefully selected raw-foods.

These nutritious ingredients are carefully dried at a low temperature to preserve as much of their raw nutritional value as possible. Once digested, they release a wealth of micronutrients and phytochemicals into the blood, helping to alkalize your body and boost your immune system. The powdered alfalfa and barley grasses also release large amounts of chlorophyll when digested, which helps to build healthy blood and improve cell oxygenation. The cruciferous vegetable powders in Field of Greens also contain sulphur compounds that are immediately recognizable by their pungent flavour.

Field of Greens contains:

  • alfalfa grass whole-leaf powder

  • alfalfa grass juice powder

  • barley grass whole-leaf powder

  • barley grass juice powder

  • oat grass whole-leaf powder

  • oat grass juice powder

  • wheat grass whole-leaf powder

  • wheat grass juice powder

  • alfalfa sprout powder

  • parsley powder

  • collard powder

  • kale powder

  • broccoli sprout powder

  • spinach powder


Field of Greens is a powdered raw-food supplement that can be added to any cold drink. Simply stir 1 tsp (5g) of Field of Greens into 150ml to 300ml of water, smoothie or fruit juice of your choice, then stir well, drink and enjoy.

Once opened, you should store your Field of Greens in a cool, dry place. 




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