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The causes for mood problems can be varied:-

  • A stressful, chaotic or unbalanced lifestyle.

  • Lack of sleep or too much sleep

  • Unhealthy diets lacking in the necessary vitamins and nutrients- Particularly unhealthy blood sugar controls.

  • Hormonal changesfor  teenagers, female or male adults

  • Traumatic situations

  • Alcohol or drug abuse, or smoking withdrawal

  • Anaemia.

  • Chemical imbalance in the brain

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

  • Side effects of certain medications.

    Approaches which help to reduce anxieties, mood swings and depression can include herbal remedies, nutrient supplements and relaxation therapies. Diet is vitally important. Temporary emotional issues can be reduced using flower remedies particularly for children.

How to Manage Your Mood Swings? The principles of taming mood swings sound simple, but are often a challenge to incorporate into daily life.  It takes effort, and unfortunately, there’s no easy pill or magic trick. Tips to help manage mood swings:

  • Get enough sleep

  • Limit caffeine or stimulants like alcohol, energy drinks & Avoid Illicit drugs

  • Keep to a nutritious diet with plenty of water Avoid excessive carbohydrates and processed foods. Eat a diet consisting of a complex carbs with a protein at each meal

  • Find a displacement activity and get enough exercise Whether it’s playing a sport, joining a yoga class or hobby. All are great outlets for our life stressors Exercise increases our endorphins

Dietary changes are beneficial, and several herbs can be used to your advantage to help control mood swings: including  St. John’s Wort, Avena sativa,  Passionflower, Ginseng  Rhodiola Rosea. For Menopause the herb Sage may reduce hot flushes but Red Clover or other phytoestrogens may be more effective at reducing mood. The superfood from South America, Maca, may stabilize female hormones and mood.

Anxiety can consume vitamins and minerals at a higher rate than normal. Support for the adrenal system with Vitamin B5, and Vitamin C can reduce nervousness. For adrenal support other nutrients would be required. Low magnesium levels increase nervousness (or less calmness) because of their impact on muscle tensions.

Mild depression may be assisted by herbal remedies and studies have shown that low Vitamin d and also low essential fatty acids are associated with more risk of depression. High EPA fish oils and Vitamin D have been used along with other anti-depressants to improve mood.