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Lymph System

Lymphatic system

The lymphatic system, or lymph system as it is also called, is a system made up of glands, lymph nodes, the spleen, thymus gland and tonsils. It forms a system of channels that surrounds most of our body’s cells and carries waste cellular fluids away to where they can be filtered by the liver and kidneys. This waste fluid is comprised of the byproducts of our bodily processes, medicinal drugs, toxins, other pollutants, food additives, and pesticides.

Our body has two to three times more lymph fluid than blood, yet has no organ to pump it. The lymph system relies on the pumping action of muscle movement and breathing to help it transport toxins into the blood before they are detoxified by your liver. Lying down helps the flow when there is less gravitational resistance. Exercise, massage and skin brushing also ensures the lymph system flows properly. Without adequate water, lymph fluid cannot flow properly. So help ensure enough water is consumed. Kidney problems will tend to slow the lymph system. If you are suffering from injuries, excess weight or cellulite, or pain disorders like arthritis, bursitis, headaches or others, a sluggish lymphatic system may be having an effect. Lymphatic function supports every other system in the body, including the immune, digestive, detoxification and nervous systems. Lymphatic fluid percolates through lymph nodes being purified and immunologically boosted at every stage.

One crucial function of lymph tissue is generating and storing white blood cells, the blood cells that fight infection. Besides the lymph nodes, principal lymph organs include the bone marrow (where white blood cells called B-lymphocytes are made), the spleen, tonsils and the thymus gland (where T-lymphocytes are made). The largest concentration of lymph tissue in the body surrounds the intestines. Called gut-associated lymphatic tissue, or GALT, this tissue helps mount a defense as the digestive tract is a main path of entry for offensive substances (bacteria, allergens, heavy metals, molds, fungi, chemicals, trans fats).  Broad spectrum probiotics are valuable in maintaining the performance of the GALT, re-energising white blood cells and the immune system.  Healthy GALT function generally inhibits allergic responses and decreases food sensitivity.

When lymph blockage is extreme it can cause the lymph fluid to back up and cause swelling in the surrounding tissue, a condition known as lymphoedema. This can cause swelling, joint pain, nausea and fatigue. Because lymph cleanses nearly every cell in your body, symptoms of chronic lymph blockage are diverse but can include worsened allergies and food sensitivities, frequent infections, joint pain, headaches, menstrual cramps, arthritis, fibrocystic breasts, breast tenderness, sinusitis, loss of appetite and GI issues, muscle cramping, tissue swelling, fatigue, mental fuzziness, mood irregularities, depression, parasites, skin breakouts, acne, and cellulite. In general, you may feel tired and toxic, with a heaviness in your abdomen.  Stagnant lymph can also interfere with the system’s ability to cleanse more potentially hazardous concerns, such as bacteria and viral infections.

Digestive fats from our food are meanwhile absorbed in the small intestine and then drawn into the lymphatic system for transport to the bloodstream. This milky mixture of digestive fats and lymph is known as chyle. Constipation, diarrhea, and other GI issues compromise the lymphatic system’s ability to do its job. If the digestive tract is suboptimal due to food sensitivities, parasites or stress, the flow of lymph and chyle will also be diminished. This can cause nausea and toxicity, exacerbating the original GI concerns. It may also play a part in the appearance of cellulite..

To ensure that your lymph remains clear and unimpeded, whether you have symptoms or not, everyone will benefit from these techniques:

  • Clean up your diet. Reduce your body’s toxic burden by avoiding processed food, eating organic when possible, and eliminating simple sugars and carbohydrates.

  • A nutritional detox and colon cleanse, supported by liver enzymes, will ease your liver and kidney burden, which in turn will decrease pressure on your spleen.

  •  Investigate any food sensitivities or allergies that may be affecting your digestion.

  •  Drink plenty of filtered water – at least 3 to 4 pints per day. Your body needs hydration to keep the fluids running!


    If you improve the cleansing ability of the lymph system, it will be able to address the toxins that are linked to pain, cellulite, fatty deposits and some autoimmune disorders. A healthy lymphatic system also helps purify the blood through the largest mass of lymph tissue in the body, the spleen. The spleen fights infection and destroys worn-out red blood cells in the body. By cleansing your lymphatic system, your spleen will be better able to handle the retired red blood cells.

    There are several herbs that are good to help cleanse the Lymph :

  • Echinacea -Not only a powerful immune-boosting herb, Echinacea combines well with Astragalus to lessen congestion and swelling in the lymphatic system. simmer for 5 minutes.

  • Astragalus –Astragalus is an excellent lymphatic system cleanser. It alleviates congestion and swelling in the body.

  • Goldenseal – In addition to having anti-inflammatory properties, goldenseal encourages lymphatic cleansing,

  • Cleavers - Known primarily as a blood and urinary tract cleanser, cleavers also enhances the function of the lymphatic system and decreases congestion and inflammation in the tissues and at lymph nodes. May help weight management and valuable as part of a detox regime.**Avoid using cleavers if you are diabetic.

  • Calendula-a healing herb that also helps flow through lymphatic vessels

  • Golden Rod- is a kidney tonic which can also indirectly aid lymphatic flow