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Detox (Detoxification) is the process of removing toxins from a person’s body. A toxin is a substance  that has harmful effects on the body. The liver is the main organ for removing toxins and other blood pollutants. A healthy liver is seen as the most critical element in the body's ability to fight disease and function optimally. Toxins can accumulate and affect our body’s functions and performance. They can originate  from the  food chain  or water, drugs, alcohol and even from the air. Our bodies should process  those toxins through organs like the liver,  kidneys and eliminate them through primarily the bowels, the kidneys and the skin. The process of detoxification involves a systematic, disciplined approach of encouraging the release of toxins stored in tissues by means of liver tonic, perhaps a kidney tonic, whilst keeping to a diet that avoids recontamination. 

Detox has been enjoyed by  thousands of people, who frequently report a variety of benefits including:                                                                                                                                         

  • Energy improvement (less liverish)

  • Better digestion

  • Weight loss (if overweight)

  • Increased vitality

  • improved hair & stronger nails

  • Clearer skin and eyes.

When the liver can't accomplish its functions, you eventually begin to experience symptoms sluggish digestive systems, respiratory ailments and many other health problems.In any given year, toxins circulate through the body – and so a detox program can serve to revitalize organ systems and promote cell renewal. Herbs such as Milk Thistle or Artichoke or Dandelion can be a tonic to the liver; Essiac tea has a range of herbs to assist the liver and digestive system. Golden Rod or Golden Grass can help the kidneys. Cleavers can improve normal lymphatic systems. It is suggested that any detox programme should include essential fatty acids to improve tissues. Ensure any detox programme is undertaken when the bowels are functioning well otherwise any release of toxins may be inhibited.