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Cherry Stone Thermal Pillow



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Nature's way to combat cold feet, aches and pains, or simply to spoil yourself. Natural fill pillows are all the rage but most are more trouble than they are worth, they get dusty and dirty and soon find their way into the bin. Not so with the award winning Stay-Warm Cherry Stone Thermal Pillow, because this one is WASHABLE so forget about rice, wheat and corn and try the Cherry Stone pillow. Just 3 minutes in a microwave or 15 minutes in a conventional oven and and the Stay-Warm pillow gives out a long lasting and penetrating heat that quickly conducts to the point of discomfort. Neck tension, stomach cramps, backache and headache are eased as the pillow moulds to the contours of the body. The strength of heat, without the danger of scalding makes the pillow ideal for use with toddlers and children. They love to cuddle up close in bed and unlike conventional hot water bottles, the pillow won’t ever feel cold and clammy. Warm cherry stones have a pleasant natural aroma, a bit like fresh baked bread, and because it’s washable you can add aromatherapy oils direct to the pouch. Try lavender to help you relax or eucalyptus if you have a blocked up nose, then throw the pillow into the washing machine with the weekly wash and start all over again. What stays hot also stays cool..! The pillow works at low temperature too, wrap it in a plastic bag, leave it in the freezer for a while and it becomes a perfect cold compress for sports injuries, bumps and puffy eyes, it really is excellent! Size 28 x 28cm

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