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Premenstrual syndrome (also referred to as PMS or PMT) is a condition defined by a set of hormonal changes that cause troublesome symptoms in many women one or two weeks before the onset of their menstrual cycle. A combination of physical, emotional and psychological symptoms are experienced ranging from abdominal bloating, fatigue, breast tenderness and headaches to mood swings, depression or crying.  Symptoms usually disappear after menstruation starts. Natural treatments are also therapeutic and excellent at reducing symptoms often helping to treat the underlying causes of the problem, rather than simply suppress symptoms.

The causes of premenstrual syndrome are not known but there are underlying factors that may trigger the symptoms. These factors include: hormonal changes, brain chemicals, poor diet, nutritional imbalances and increased by stress.

Natural and holistic treatments can be very effective in treating the physical and emotional symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and providing relief. Natural remedies have been used traditionally for many years to combat PMS symptoms and restore hormonal balance. These remedies contain ingredients such as Fennel, Pulsatilla and Melissa which help to naturally reduce the effects of premenstrual syndrome and support health. Don Quai is also a very effective Chinese herb which helps to restore hormonal balance and promote female reproductive health –thereby reducing the occurrence of pre-menstrual symptoms.  Emotional sensitivity can be helped by Vitamin B6 and bloating by added Magnesium.

Whether due to environmental circumstances or diet a common contemporary PMT problem is variance in menstrual period or haemorrhage, and a likely cause is lack of control of progesterone and may be helped by the herb Agnes Castus.