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MCT oil



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MCT Oil is a fatty elixir. It is a valuable source of medium chain triglycerides to provide valuable fatty acids and bypass the usual fat metabolism pathways, providing the body with healthy, instant energy.

Coconuts are one of the few foods found in nature to contain high levels of medium chain fatty acids (MCT), and are surpassed only by breast milk. Unsurprisingly, MCT’s are easily digested and absorbed, and are a preferred source of energy for the body.


Seems rather a contradiction, but medium chain triglycerides are not metabolized in the same way as the other fats we eat. Medium chain triglycerides are not processed via the lymphatic system, and are instead transported directly to the liver to be broken down. Our MCT Oil is metabolized in the liver to produce ketones for instant and stable energy, which is then available for muscle and brain function, ATP energy synthesis in the cells, and for thermogenesis.

Every cell in the body requires fatty acids and bio-available energy to function at their optimum. Acting like carbohydrates, the medium chain triglycerides in MCT Oil are quickly broken down, and provide an instant source of energy for the cells. This is particularly useful following intense exercise, or when we feel altogether lacking in vitality and energy. The metabolic pathway via the liver releases energy without placing strain on the lymphatic system, leaving it to do its job to optimize our health.

Omega Nutrition's powerfully nutritious MCT oil contains a pure blend of medium chain triglycerides: 50% are caprylic (C8:0) and the other 50% are capric (C10:0) fatty acids sourced from palm kernel and coconut oil.


take 1-2 tablespoons daily to help sustain energy and burn excess fat.  (Initially start with 1 teaspoonful.)

MCT oil can be used in salad dressings, added to soups or used in lieu of saturated fats in your diet. It is best to take in the morning with or without food, and you may want to take another tablespoon before a strenuous workout.

  • Do not use in high heat applications
  • Can be refigerated to prolong shelf life


If you are diabetic or suffer from liver disease you should consult your health practitioner before consuming MCT oil. It has been reported that MCT oil can improve insulin sensitivity and help control blood sugar in pre-diabetics or type 2 diabetics.

Additional products

MCT oils are often derived from coconut oils but will exclude lauric acid. As they by-pass the normal digestion routes for other saturated fats, it may help to use a liver tonic to ensure high efficiency in their absorption and transformation.

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