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Good Health Naturally Ancient Minerals Gel Ultra



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Ancient Minerals Magnesium Gel Plus is a unique

gelled formulation of magnesium chloride and other

ancient trace minerals with biologically active organic

aloe vera extract- specifically designed to remain

on the surface of the skin to maximise its soothing


Contains 100 mg magnesium per ml. Available in

237ml and 1.89 litre.

Magnesium Gel Ultra

Contains 65mg magnesium plus 65mg OptiMSM per

ml. Available in 237ml.

Magnesium: The Most Important Mineral

Without enzymes, the human body could

not carry out the myriad of life sustaining

reactions that take place in cells everyday.

Infact, magnesium participates in over 300

enzymatic reactions in the body – more

than any other mineral. According to the

World Health Organization most of the

population do not meet the suggested

Recommended Daily Intake.

Taking magnesium orally is usually not a

viable way for many people to meet their

magnesium needs, because at clinically

relevant dosages, magnesium supplements

have trouble absorbing completely, and,

in addition, may result in a laxative effect

for many people. With topical magnesium,

however, the gastro-intestinal system is

bypassed completely, and the magnesium

is absorbed directly into the cells

Perfect for use in Massage

  • Easily Applied in Smooth Gel
  • Stays Hydrated On The Skin
  • 65 mg Magnesium Plus 65 mg OptiMSM® Per ml

Ingredient List

Directions For Use: Rub gently into the skin in concentrated form.

Suggested Use: For Hands, Face, and Body

Purified water 
Genuine Zechstein™ Magnesium Chloride
Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate
Certified Organic ACTIValoe™
Xanthan Gum
Other ingredients: other naturally ocurring trace minerals
Caution: Avoid direct contact with eyes and other sensitive areas.

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